The Best Parks to See Cherry Blossoms in New York City

Cherry blossom season is one of the best times to experience the beauty and charm of spring — the season of flowers. Cherry trees blossom in parks across the five boroughs — explore some of the best spots to see one of the most anticipated spring moments in New York City. 

When is Cherry Blossom Season?

It varies every year! Okame cherry trees (which have tiny pink flowers with red calyxes) are the first to bloom, usually around mid-to-late March, followed by the more famous Yoshino (white/ light pink flowers) and Kwanzan cherry trees (fluffy pink flowers), which usually blossom in April. As the wave of cherry blossoms arrives, the flowers for each species usually are in bloom for about two weeks. Follow us at @nycparks to find the best time to go see them!

Sakura Park, Manhattan

white cherry blossoms on yoshino cherry trees
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese, so what better place to experience cherry blossom season in New York City than at the park named just for it! The cherry trees in this park were gifted from Japan in 1912. Dozens of Yoshino cherry trees blossom here, usually in early April. 

Visit Sakura Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

pink cherry blossoms on a grove of okame cherry trees
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Experience the arrival of cherry blossom season at the "world's park"! This not-to-be-missed grove of Okame cherry trees is usually the first to blossom in New York City. See them near the Unisphere!

Visit Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Silver Lake Park, Staten Island

cherry blossoms dot the lake's promenade where folks sit on benches to look out to the water
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

The poetry of spring delights at the lakeside in this beautiful Staten Island park. And it's not just the Kwanzan cherry blossoms that add to its spring beauty, there are also crabapples and red maple trees, too! The lake is also probably where famed poet Audre Lorde found some inspiration, as she lived just blocks away from this park. The lake's eastern promenade was recently renamed in her honor.

Visit Silver Lake Park

Randall's Island Park

kwanzan cherry trees bloom near a patch of daffodils and a bridge in the park
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Every year, cherry blossom season is celebrated on this island in the East River with our friends at Randall's Island Park Alliance. This year's festival takes place on May 1 and includes paper flower making, kite flying, face painting, and, of course, cherry blossoms!

Learn more about Randall's Island Park's cherry blossom festival

Rainey Park, Queens

pink cherry blossoms along the park path
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

May we suggest cherry blossom season with a cityscape? This cute little neighborhood park springs to life with Okame cherry blossoms along the promenade. As the season progresses, Kwanzan cherry trees will be in bloom on the lawns.

Visit Rainey Park

Central Park, Manhattan

park visitors walk under a sloping canopy of cherry blossoms
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Immerse in the waves of cherry blossom season in the heart of Manhattan at three key spots in Central Park. In early spring, head to the bridle path on the west side to see the Okame cherry trees. See the Yoshino cherry trees in bloom at their namesake, Cherry Hill, and near the reservoir. Come back later in cherry blossom season to stroll under this canopy of Kwanzan cherry trees at the reservoir.

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Pelham Bay Park, Bronx

white cherry blossoms on the yoshino trees dot the roadway through the park
Photo by Malcolm Pinckney/NYC Parks

Make spring feel like a getaway with a trip to City Island for fresh air, seafood, and cherry blossom spotting! Our city's largest park features a charming display of Yoshino cherry blossoms near the City Island Bridge. 

Visit Pelham Bay Park

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn

guests hang out under a huge canopy of cherry blossoms
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Add this one to your bucket list! The grove of cherry blossoms at this famous garden in Prospect Park is worth the trip! Come walk under a sky of pink cherry blossoms when the trees are in full bloom.

Track peak cherry blossom season at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hunter's Point South Park, Queens

white cherry blossoms grow on trees around the oval lawn
Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

If Yoshino cherry trees are your favorite, be sure to check out the cherry trees at this beautiful waterfront park in Long Island City. The trees wrap around the oval and look out to a stunning view of the Midtown Manhattan skyline.

Visit Hunter's Point South Park

Riverside Park, Manhattan

fluffy pink cherry blossoms bloom on the lawn near crabapple trees
Photo by Adrian Sas/NYC Parks

Head to Cherry Walk for a runway of fluffy flowers, from the pink tufts of the Kwanzan cherry blooms to the even fluffier bunches of crabapple blossoms. See it between 100th Street and 125th Street. 

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