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Five Ways to Get in Shape at Parks

1. Join a Rec Center

Al Oerter Rec Center

Work it off! Take advantage of over 30 low-cost fitness facilities we house around the city. Learn more >

2. Go Running or Biking

Running and biking along the East River

Find some of the best places to run in our parks, as well as some great spots for biking around the city.

3. Take a hike

Hiking at Hunter Island in Pelham Bay Park

Enjoy the natural beauty of NYC's parklands while hiking at an intensity level that's right for you. More >

4. Go Swimming

Swimming at Chelsea Rec Center

Swimming is still in session at Parks. Do laps all year long at one of our many indoor pools! Find a pool >

5. Take a Shape Up NYC class

Shape Up NYC class

Stretch it out at yoga, sweat it out at zumba or twirl it off at one of our dance classes. Find a class >

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