40 Years of GreenThumb

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Our city's gardens have come a long way in 40 years—from turning empty lots into open space in the midst of the city's worst financial crisis to the thriving spaces New York sees today. With the leadership of GreenThumb, our gardens are stronger than ever and still at the forefront of community activism. They provide health and shade, copious food, music, art, and a feeling of togetherness and a shared mission.

By participating in the garden movement, you become a more integrated member of New York City and of your community. Find out more about how you can help shape GreenThumb's next 40 years.

9th Street Community Garden & Park

About GreenThumb

GreenThumb, established in 1978, is the nation's largest urban gardening program. GreenThumb supports more than 550 community gardens and 20,000 volunteer gardeners each year with materials, technical assistance, educational workshops, and more.

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9th Street Community Garden & Park

40 Years of History

Want to learn more about the community garden movement? Visit our Community Garden History page to learn more about the birth of Operation GreenThumb and the battle to protect and preserve the city's open space.

40 Years By the Numbers

There are over...

  • ... 550 gardens
  • ... 20,000 volunteer gardeners
  • ... 100 acres of gardens

In New York City!



Our Community Gardens

A community garden is more than open space — and it's even more than a beautiful garden. A successful garden is due to the strength and support of its dedicated volunteers. Learn more about what makes up a garden, or visit a garden near you.

United Nations Food Gardens - Environmental justice in the gardens Harvest Fair - Culture in the gardens
Environmental Justice Arts & Culture
Cooking Competition in the gardens Compost - sustainability in the gardens
Food Sustainability

Get Involved

  • Open Garden Day NYC
    Tour dozens of community gardens across NYC as they open their doors on Saturday, July 20!
  • Find a Garden Near You
    Want to join the green movement? Find a garden near you to get started!

Would you like to become a volunteer? Call GreenThumb at (212) 602-5300 or email greenthumbinfo@parks.nyc.gov for more information. We will then connect you with the volunteer group in a garden near you!

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