Green Food

Root veggies being sold at the Union Square Greenmarket

Local Food/ Farmers’ Markets

Urban dwellers have access to locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to our city’s impressive network of local farmers’ markets. There are hundreds of small farms located just outside the five boroughs, and many local farmers bring their crops to the city each week to sell at open-air farmers’ markets.

In fact, NYC parks play host to dozens of these markets each week. Because of farmers’ markets, New Yorkers can eat local year-round, without even leaving their neighborhood. And that’s a good thing for New Yorkers and the planet.

Find Your Greenmarket

To find a farmers’ market in a park near you:

  1. Visit NYCityMap
  2. Map your location
  3. Click Show Additional Information on the right-hand side
  4. Under Find Nearest, select Green Market from the dropdown menu
  5. Click FindYour local Greenmarket location will be mapped for you.

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