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Green Events

New York City’s parks play host to thousands of special events each year, ranging from annual athletic events such as the Citywide Bocce tournament and the New York City Marathon to a full schedule of outdoor theater performances and concerts. As “New York City’s Greenest,” the Parks Department aims to ensure that all special events in parks are as environmentally sustainable as can be.

When the Parks Department produces its annual free large festivals and special events, we work to make sure that our events are GreenEvents. From recruiting volunteers to collect recyclables, using hybrid and electric vehicles and promoting sustainable modes of transportation, offering sustainably–produced food, and educating the public about environmental issues, Parks takes strides to reduce our ecological footprint and protect the parkland so New Yorkers may enjoy these treasured green spaces for generations to come.

If you are planning to host an event in a park, please join us in making Sustainable Parks by following these GreenEvent Guidelines:

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Highlights from previous GreenEvents

  • GreenTeam volunteers posing with a recycling can
  • Woman giving change at a Farmers' Market booth at Pumpkin Festival
  • Red Jackets Orchards farmers' market booth at Pumpkin Festival
  • Kids getting water from a Water-on-the-Go Station at Adventures NYC
  • GreenTeam volunteer teaching kids about green roofs
  • GreenThumb staff teaching a kid about urban gardening at Pumpkin Festival

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