Natural Resources Group Forest Restoration Team

2000 Annual Report

Y2K was a dynamic year for NRG's Forest Restoration Team. NRG doubled both the square footage of our slope stabilization projects, and the number of herbaceous plantings, while increasing the number of containerized trees planted by almost 50%. The Team performed restorations and slope/streambank stabilizations on over 24.5 acres of parkland in 6 parks. The planting totals are 11,241 2-3' containerized trees; 5,125 1-3' bareroot trees; 7,900 2' live stakes; and 14,549 herbaceous plants. 62 different species were planted. The following is a brief summary of calendar year 2000 work in selected parks:

Inwood Hill Park

Over 2.5 acres of invasive non-native shrubs and vines were cleared. 5,130 2-3' native trees and shrubs were planted throughout the park. 3,000 square feet of erosion fabric was installed, and 4,686 native herbaceous plants were planted. An additional 0.75 acre was cleared for planting in the spring.

Alley Pond Park

5,115 2-3' containerized trees and shrubs were planted, as well as 1,000 1-3' bareroot trees. 2 acres were cleared of invasive vegetation; an additional 8 acres were swept for satellite populations of invasive vines. 14,000 square feet of steep eroded slopes were stabilized, and 7,966 native herbaceous plants were planted to hold the soil in place.

Bronx River

8,000 square feet of eroded streambank was stabilized with a variety of bioengineering techniques. 6,200 2' live stakes; 1,714 herbaceous plants; 550 1-3' bareroot trees; and 543 2-3' containerized trees were planted, which served as a trial for a larger project which will commence in 2001.

Givans Creek Woods

A two acre field of mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) was planted with 3,575 1-3' bareroot trees in the spring. First year survival exceeded 90%, truly exceptional for this type of site. An additional 178 2-3' containerized trees were planted in the fall.

Forest Park, Twin Fields

280 linear feet of structural cribbing was constructed on a steep eroded hillside. This alteration and stabilization of drainage patterns in this ecologically sensitive area was necessary for the Kettle Pond Restoration taking place at the foot of the slope.

Four Sparrow Marsh Preserve

In December, initial site clearing and invasive removal began in support of NRG's Clean Water/ Clean Air Bond Act Project. A significant portion of the upland work will be performed in-house. The upland portion will ultimately encompass 0.5 acre.


Bareroot plant: A dormant tree or shrub removed from the soil for shipping.
Containerized plant: A tree or shrub grown and transported in a container of soil, typically a one or two gallon pot.
Herbaceous plant: A non-woody plant, usually a groundcover, typically a 3" by 3" plug.
Live stake: A dormant cutting from a live woody plant, usually 2 to 4 feet in length.

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