West Farms Section

West Farms Section Locator Map

The West Farms section stretches from the 182nd Street Dam downstream to the Cross Bronx Expressway (approximately 176th Street). It includes the first tidal freshwater section (at Drew Gardens) and the furthest downstream free-flowing section of non-tidal river.  Despite retaining relatively high tree canopy cover along its banks, it is one o the most narrow and confined sections of river in the Bronx, with little to no remaining floodplain wetland.

Reaches in the West Farms Section

Information About the West Farms Section

Topic Title Source Year
Channel Morphology and Instream Habitat Pebble Counts NRG 2004, 2005
Hydrology RiverKeeper Streamflow Measurements RiverKeeper 1990-1993
Hydrology Opportunistic Point Velocity Measurements 2003
Hydrology Stream Velocity at West Farms NRG 2004
Hydrology Stream Velocity at Drew Gardens NRG 2002
Restoration Projects Anadromous Fish Reintroduction NRG 2006
Water Quality Water Quality Baseline Data NRG 2005-2006
Water Quality Pollutant Loading Model NRG 2004
Water Quality Fecal Coliform Concentration HydroQual 2000-2001

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