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Water Quality

Turbidity (Total Suspended Solids)


To determine whether the Bronx River will support anadromous fish, opportunistic grab samples were taken above the Bronx Zoo Dam after storm events in June 2003. Samples were evaulated for Total Suspended Solids, and results were compared to published tolerances for anadromous fish. The maximum TSS concentration measured for these samples was 27 ppm. Higher sediment loads have been visually observed, but not measured.

Sample Location Date Time TSS (ppm) Conditions
DPR-NRG 1 Burke Ave. Bridge 6/6/2003 11:24AM 5 Water much lower and cleaner than yesterday (post-storm)
DRIER A Burke Ave. Bridge 6/6/2003 11:24AM 0 "
DRIER B Westchester 6/6/2003 3 "
DRIER C Westchester 6/6/2003 6 "
SF D Wild Asia 6/13/2003 13 Raining, water seemed pretty turbid
SF B Wild Asia 6/13/2003 10 "
4SPA C Fordham Bridge 6/13/2003 22 "
SF C Fordham Bridge 6/13/2003 18 "
SF A Burke Ave. Bridge 6/13/2003 20 "
4SPA D Burke Ave. Bridge 6/13/2003 4 "
XS 10 Wild Asia 6/17/2003 2 Sunny day, few days after storm event, seemed clear
XS 9 Wild Asia 6/17/2003 2 "
XS 1 Wild Asia 6/17/2003 2 "
XS 4-5 Wild Asia 6/17/2003 10 Sample does not meet quality control standards
4SPA D Btw. Dam 2&3/by dam2 6/19/2003 11:00AM 4 Started raining in morning and continued throughout day
Sample 2 Btw. Dam 2&3/near bridge 6/19/2003 btw other 2 4 still raining
Sample 3 Btw. Dam 2&3/near snuff mill 6/19/2003 1:19PM 5 still raining- can't see bottom anymore
Sample 4 Btw. Dam 2&3/by dam2 6/19/2003 2:00PM Sample not found
4SPA A 27 Sample location unknown
4SPA B 4 Sample location unknown


Opportunistic water samples were taken upstream of the Bronx Zoo Dam in June 2003. Water samples were evaluated by flow-through spectrophotometry in the soil lab on 6/23/03. Program #52.

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