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Water Quality

Bronx River Stewards Water Quality Monitoring


The Bronx River Stewards program began in 2004. The Bronx River Alliance provides Stewards with the knowledge and equipment needed to monitor various water quality parameters. Each group of Stewards is responsible for weekly monitoring of a site in their community. Data is compiled by the Bronx River Alliance and is used as a baseline of water quality for the river.

Bronx River Stewards monitor the following parameters: flow, turbidity, substrate, water appearance, stream banks and channel, stream habitat, riparian zone, salinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate-nitrogen, macroinvertebrates, and bacteria.


All measurements are taken using a 500 mL water sample except for dissolved oxygen, which is taken using a 60 mL water sample. Two replicates of each test are performed.

Oakton pH Testr 3+ Double Junction Meter

Oakton pH Testr 3+ Double Junction Meter

LaMotte Test Kit 7519 or Secchi Disk

Salinity refractometer

Nitrate Nitrogen Tablet Kit (LaMotte 3354)

Dissolved Oxygen
Modified Winkler Titration
LaMotte Test Kit 7414/5860

Monitoring Sites

Bronx River Stewards Monitoring Sites


Download the Bronx River Alliance Weekly Water Quality Data
(Excel file, 188KB)

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