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East River Lagoons Entitation


Entitation is a process of identifying and describing discrete vegetation units (entities). Essentially, it is a general inventory of an area’s plant communities conducted by means of aerial photograph interpretation and field reconnaissance. The survey results in the identification of ecologically distinct plant communities based on species and structure (some examples: old growth oak/hickory forest, a dense thicket of Rubus, a pioneering stand of sassafras).

Before making any management decisions, it is important to know what there is to work with. Enititation supplies a park manager with a database that is readily discernable. Each entitation unit is homogenous and small enough that it can be dealt with as an individual management area.

The East River Lagoons were entitated by NRG staff in 1990.

East River Lagoons Entitation Units

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Bronx Forest and Shoelace Park Entitation Unit Map (1)
Entitation Units

Bronx Forest and Shoelace Park Entitation Unit Map 2
Unit Descriptions

Cover Type

Bronx Forest and Shoelace Park Entitation - Cover Type

Woodland Intertidal
Scrub Scarcely Vegetated
Herbaceous NYC Parkland (Not Entitated)


Manual of Plant Formation Entitation (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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