Parkland Section

Reach 11: Bronx River Forest

This reach is the site of the only remaining floodplain forest in the lower Bronx River watershed. This site has also had extensive rehabilitation done as part of the Bond Act Floodplain Restoration project in 2004. This project included the removal of invasive species, planting of native species, bank stabilization and the addition of in-stream habitat structures.

A map of freshwater wetlands in the Bronx River Forest is shown below, and additional photos of the area can be seen in the Bond Act Floodplain Restoration Project.

Click on the map above to view a larger version

Key to Reach Feature Symbols

  • Channelization
  • Erosion
  • Combined Sewer Outfall
  • Outfall
  • Cross Section
  • Pebble Count
  • Habitat Assessment Site
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Fish Sampling
  • Plankton Sampling
  • Benthic Monitoring
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Riffle
  • Pool
  • Large Woody Debris
  • Large Woody Debris Jam

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