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Velocity at West Farms


The velocity distribution at West Farms was measured to pinpoint velocity barriers to fish passage as part of the anadromous fish reintroduction feasibility assessment. During periods of high flow, alewife eggs and juveniles can be washed downstream. Adult fish may be unable to withstand sustained or very strong currents.


Four transects were set up perpendicular to the current, ~4 feet apart. Velocity measurements were taken at 0.6 the water depth from the surface or the average of 0.2 and 0.8 water depth.

Download West Farms Flow Velocity data

April 28, 2004 (Excel file, 24 KB) June 11, 2004 (Excel file, 55 KB) June 11, 2004 (in culvert) (Excel file, 58 KB) June 23, 2004 (Excel file, 47 KB) June 23, 2004 (in culvert) (Excel file, 43 KB) July 28, 2004 (Excel file, 37 KB)

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