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Invasive Species Removal

Invasive exotic plant species are a major problem in the Bronx River watershed. They hinder the establishment and growth of native riparian woody vegetation that stabilize the stream banks and provides aquatic cover at the waters edge. They prevent the growth of the native herbaceous plant layer that helps prevent erosion on the hillslope. Invasive plants also create uniform stands of vegetation that lowers native plant diversity and, consequently, the diversity of food and shelter that supports native birds and other wildlife, and that supports the aesthetic value of the wetlands. One of the major tasks of NRG and its partners is to control the spread of exotic invasive species in the Bronx. This involves suppressing these exotic plants with herbicides, cutting them repeatedly during key times in the growing season, manually removing individual plants, and planting native species to eventually help shade out exotic plants.

Bronx River Forest and Shoelace Park been the target of an invasive species removal campaign since 2002 and large areas have been managed for invasive species, particularly Japanese knotweed.

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Bronx River Riparian Invasive Plant Management Plan

The Bronx River Riparian Invasive Plant Management Plan (RIPMaP) is the result of many years of municipal- and community-led riparian habitat restoration efforts along the Bronx River. We know that on-going biological, physical and human disturbance in the urban environment presents significant challenges to achieving a sustainable native vegetation community along the river corridor. The RIPMaP presents an approach to reduce the spread of invasive plants through prioritization of resources, use of best control techniques, and coordination of management activities by the organizations that work along the river.

Download the Bronx River Riparian Invasive Plant Management Plan


Effects of Japanese knotweed removal campaign in Bronx River Forest and Shoelace Park (PDF, 219KB)

Invasive Species Removal in Shoelace and Bronx River Forest from 2005-2007, divided by class of plant
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Japanese knotweed (PDF, 8.9MB)

Trees (PDF, 8.9MB)

Shrubs (PDF, 8.9MB)

Vines (PDF, 8.9MB)

Herbaceous Plants (PDF, 8.9MB)

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