Current Wetlands of the Bronx River Watershed

Development, fill and altered drainage have destroyed all but a small fraction of the historic tidal and riverine wetlands of the Bronx. Many of these existing wetlands have been significantly changed by invasive exotic species, fragmentation, pollution and dumping and altered hydrology, such increased stormwater and disconnection from the flood plain. Still, these few wetlands continue to provide important habitat for vegetation, birds, and other aquatic life. These remaining wetlands, their functions in the watershed, and our effect on them through our management of the landscape in the watershed are receiving increasing attention today. There have already been several projects to try to protect, improve the function of, and expand wetlands in the Bronx, and these wetland restoration efforts are continuing today.

Wetlands in the Bronx County section of the Bronx River watershed are shown below. They are outlined in green to emphasize their presence. Click on a wetland to learn more.

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