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Soundview Park, located in Reach 1 of the Estuary Section, is a 205-acre park at the mouth of the Bronx River constructed on a former landfill. Approximately 40 acres of the Park was once open water and about 80 acres were part of a vast salt marsh system that developed on outwash material deposited at the mouth of the Bronx River where it entered the East River. Nearly all of the thousands of acres of salt marsh along the Bronx River have been lost to fill and development, as have the critical ecological, physical and biogeochemical functions of these coastal wetland systems. Despite these changes, Soundview does contain a small lagoon and mudflat in the southern section of the park that is home to native salt marsh plants, fish, birds, and invertebrates. Today, a large scale excavation of over one acre is being planned at the northern end of the Soundview Lagoons, to enable the reconstruction of historic salt marsh there.

Funding of the restoration evaluation study has been provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) through Section 206 funding. NYS DOS Clean Water / Clean Air Bond Act funding and Croton Funding are being committed to the final design and construction of this salt marsh restoration project. The overall goal of the project is to restore aquatic ecosystem resources and adjacent upland habitat in southern Soundview Park, and to contribute to improved water quality by increasing the area of functional salt marsh that can remove nutrients from the water column and trap sediment.

Fish and Shellfish Habitat Creation and Seeding Project - Pilot Oyster Reef

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