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Reach 7: Bronx Zoo

The Bronx River in the Bronx Zoo section has a channel morphology dramatically altered from pre-colonial times as a result of the two dams that create long impoundments on the river. Wetlands in the Bronx Zoo are located along the impoundments on the river as well as upland in the watershed.  Although the river banks and valley have mostly remained forested for centuries, in the Zoo, water quality had suffered as a result of faulty infrastructure and animal discharges from the Bronx Zoo. Beginning in 2001, the Bronx Zoo corrected these impacts to the river though various programs including:

Bronx Zoo / Mitsubishi Riverwalk

  • Conducting a Bronx River Cleanup program during the Spring and Fall months.
  • Developing and operating the "Bronx River Walk," which provides views of the River along with information on the River’s ecology, protection and restoration. The River Walk is a 4/10-mile nature trail along the eastern shore of the River, in the northern portion of the Bronx Zoo and free to the public during Zoo hours.
  • Improving stormwater runoff management throughout the exhibits to prevent polluted discharge to the Bronx River

This reach is also the site of the anadromous fish reintroduction project

Reach 7 Clickable Feature Map

Key to Reach Feature Symbols

  • Channelization
  • Erosion
  • Combined Sewer Outfall
  • Outfall
  • Cross Section
  • Pebble Count
  • Habitat Assessment Site
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Fish Sampling
  • Plankton Sampling
  • Benthic Monitoring
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Riffle
  • Pool
  • Large Woody Debris
  • Large Woody Debris Jam

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