The Greenbelt Native Plant Center (GNPC), a facility of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, is a 13–acre greenhouse, nursery, and seed bank complex located on Staten Island, NY.

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In association with scientific, educational, botanical, and administrative partners, we are engaged in a variety of research and educational activities. These partners participate with us to support restoration, mitigation, and natural area management throughout our region in the following projects:

The Millennium Seed Bank Project

picture of seed collecting

  • Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, United Kingdom/Millennium Seed Bank Project
  • US Bureau of Land Management/Seeds of Success
  • 18 partners in the United States, including the Greenbelt Native Plant Center
  • Plant Conservation Alliance

The Urban Ecotype Study

picture of urban ecotype study

  • Rutgers University/Center for Urban Restoration Ecology
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Greenbelt Native Plant Center

The New York City Native Plant Conservation Initiative

picture of Gaylussacia baccata and Kalmia angustifolia with butterfly

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
  • Greenbelt Native Plant Center
  • Natural Resources Group

Bee Watchers

picture of bee on flower

  • American Museum of Natural History/Center for Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Volunteer Bee Watchers
  • Greenbelt Native Plant Center

What Is Local? Genetics & Plant Selection in the Urban Context: A Symposium Held May 23, 2006

picture of the what is local? symposium

  • New York Department of Parks & Recreation/Greenbelt Native Plant Center
  • Various Co—sponsors

The Long Island Native Grass Initiative

picture of long island native grass initiative

  • Suffolk County Soil & Water District
  • USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Suffolk Community College
  • Long Island Chapter of the Nature Conservancy
  • Suffolk County Parks Department, Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District, Town of East Hampton Department of Natural Resources, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Friends of Hempstead Plains, and others
  • Greenbelt Native Plant Center

Founder Seed Program at Decker Farm

Historic Richmond Town

  • Historic Richmond Town
  • Greenbelt Native Plant Center

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