The Greenbelt Native Plant Center (GNPC), a facility of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, is a 13–acre greenhouse, nursery, and seed bank complex located on Staten Island, NY.


Picture of Education at GNPC

Our mission has grown from production and provision of native plants to an ever-deepening commitment to local plant conservation. This has been a gradual and evolving journey, involving many people and activities. Along the way, we have learned how interested people are to hear our story, to know what we do and why

At this point in our development, our resources for education are limited, but the GNPC would like to invite discussion with those interested in taking advantage of our facilities for educational purposes.

We can provide guided educational tours of our facilities to university students in science and conservation programs and would do the same for highly motivated older high school students as part of their current curriculum.

As non–educators, we are particularly open to offering opportunities to creative and dynamic teachers who wish to incorporate a detailed tour of GNPC into their curriculum and will work with us to make it rewarding and relevant to their students.

We are also eager to discuss educational collaborations of mutual interest to both organizations.

Occasionally, weekend tours of GNPC are offered as parts of other programming, such as "openhousenewyork."

Educating the public about native plants and habitat restoration is essential, and we would like to participate in any way possible to further that objective.

Please contact Nursery Director Edward Toth with any inquiries you may have.

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