Winter Safety

The parks are a beautiful place to be when it's snowing out, but icy conditions can be dangerous.

During the winter months, children and adults enjoy exploring the snowy terrain in city parks, but while ponds and lakes may appear frozen, venturing onto them is extremely dangerous and can cause potentially fatal accidents. Please exercise the same caution walking on park pathways as you would on sidewalks during icy weather—walk carefully.

Ice Safety Tips

  • Do not attempt to walk on any lakes, ponds, or rivers that appear frozen.
  • Parents and caregivers should make sure children are never unattended near ice.
  • If you hear cracking, lie down immediately to try to distribute your weight.
  • If you witness someone falling through ice, never attempt to make a rescue by yourself: call 911 and notify the proper authorities. Be sure to give the exact location and an account of the incident.

Get more winter safety tips from the Fire Department, and Be FDNYSmart this winter season.

Ice skating rinks throughout the City offer a safe way to celebrate the cold weather.

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