Scattering Ashes and Cremated Remains in NYC Parks

NYC Parks allows for the scattering of cremated remains on its land. We ask that you observe our guidelines in order to spread ashes in a public park.

Guidelines for Spreading Cremated Remains

  • Please be respectful of other park patrons in the vicinity when you are scattering cremated remains.
  • If you wish to have a group of 20 or more park patrons at the ceremony, please make sure you have a special event permit. To apply, please visit our Special Event Permit Request page.
  • Do not scatter remains on playgrounds, athletic fields, restricted areas, developed facilities, hard surfaces, or heavily trafficked areas. Do not scatter remains in a body of water without permission from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
  • Cremated remains must be fine and must be scattered to complete dispersal.
  • Do not leave monuments, memorials, plaques, photos, flowers, or any other markers at the site of cremated remains.

We ask that you comply with all posted regulations at our parks in addition to all local, State, or Federal guidelines.

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