Accessible Playground Definitions

List of accessible playgrounds

Level 1: Playgrounds for All Children

Playgrounds for All Children are designed to provide recreational opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. Playground features include ramped play equipment, ground level play features, accessible swings, wheelchair-accessible tables, and drinking fountains. Some playgrounds also have adjustable basketball backboards that can be raised and lowered for athletes of all abilities.

Photo of Playground For All Children, the Bronx

Level 2: Accessible Playgrounds with Ramped Play Equipment and/or Universally Accessible Swings

Accessible playgrounds can include accessible swings and/or ramped play equipment, transfer platforms, and ground level play features. These playgrounds can also include accessible amenities, which can include drinking fountains and comfort stations.

Level 3: Accessible Playgrounds with Universally Accessible Swings

Playgrounds with universally accessible swings will allow unimpeded access to the swing(s) and provide at least one universally accessible swing. These playgrounds may not necessarily have ramped play equipment.

Level 4: Accessible playgrounds with Transfer Platforms and Ground Level Play Features

Transfer platforms allow children to transfer out of their wheelchairs (if they choose and are able to) onto a play surface to use equipment such as slides and bridges. Ground level play features allow a child who can not transfer out of his/her wheelchair or climb to be able to interact with others in a play environment.

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