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What is Imagination Playground?

Imagination Playground is a breakthrough play space concept conceived and designed by internationally acclaimed architect David Rockwell. The mission of Imagination Playground is to encourage child-directed, unstructured creative “free play,” the kind of play that experts say is critical to a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional development. Free play leads to creative minds, which in turn will lead to greater innovation in all aspects of human endeavor and problem solving.

Where can you find an Imagination Playground in Your Neighborhood?

Kids at play in the Imagination Playground at the World's Fair

The Imagination Playground in a Box is a colorful container on wheels, reminiscent of trunks full of treasures. The sides and top of the boxes reveal a variety of loose parts such as foam blocks, sand and water tools, as well as found items such as tarps, fabric and milk crates, which children use to create their own toys and games. At each site, trained playworkers facilitate activity and provide an additional level of safety.

The Imagination Playground in a Box is open from July 4 through Labor Day. 


St. Mary’s Playground
145th Street & St. Ann’s Avenue
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St. James Playground
East 193 Street & Jerome Avenue
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JJ Byrne Playground
Fifth Avenue & Fourth Street
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Lincoln Terrace Playground
Rochester Avenue & Carroll Street
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Maria Hernandez Park
Knickerbocker Avenue & Starr Street
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Carl Schurz Park
East 84th Street & East End Avenue
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J Hood Wright Park
West 173 Street & Ft Washington Avenue
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Staten Island

Bloomingdale Park Playground
Drumgoole Road & Maguire Avenue
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Corporal Thompson Playground
Broadway & Wayne Street
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