Building a Better Rockaway Beach

Teens enjoy new Rockaway boardwalk with hundreds of beachgoers in the background

Rockaway Beach is both an iconic summer destination and the home to thousands of New Yorkers, and it is vulnerable to the effects of environmental changes. The work the US Army Corps of Engineers is doing in the Rockaways will protect the community from the effects of severe storms, slow down erosion caused by climate change, and ultimately expand beach access. This construction project will keep Rockaway Beach open to swimming for years to come.

About the Atlantic Shorefront Resiliency Project

The Army Corps' ongoing Atlantic Shorefront Resiliency Project will strengthen the shoreline by constructing 19 new stone groin structures to stabilize and replenish the beach. This work will keep sand in place and eventually let us expand beach access. The Army Corps work has already allowed us to bring swimming to the Beach 30s area, which has not been open in years.

This work is the result of more than ten years of partnership between the City, the Army Corps, and the Rockaway community. Since the project began in 2020, the Army Corps has held monthly meetings with stakeholders to update the community on the project, and Parks and Army Corps staff members have regularly attended local civic association meetings, community board meetings, and reached out to concerned individual stakeholders.

Rockaway Beach Access and Closures

Please check this page again once beaches have opened to swimming for updated and detailed daily closure information.

Full access – swim, sand, and recreation access

  • Beach 9-13
  • Beach 16-18
  • Beach 32-36
  • Beach 59-65
  • Beach 69-86
  • Beach 117-145 (May through July)
  • Beach 91-109 (July through September)
  • Beach 112-114 (July through September)
  • Beach 121-136 (July through September)
  • Beach 140-145 (July through September)

Sand and recreation access only:

  • Beach 13-16
  • Beach 18-32
  • Beach 36-38
  • Beach 65-69
  • Beach 86-91
  • Beach 146-149
  • Beach 95-108 (May through July)
  • Beach 112-116 (May through July)
  • Beach 115-121 (July through September)
  • Beach 136-140 (July through September)

No access:

  • Beach 92-95 (May through July)
  • Beach 109-111 (May through July)
  • Beach 114-117 (July through September)
  • Beach 119-121 (July through September)

Concession Access

All beach concessions will remain open for the summer at the discretion of the concessionaire. 

Ferry Access

NYC Ferry access will not be affected.

During beach season, Rockaway Beach is open for swimming and wading from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. where lifeguards are present. For your safety, swimming is not allowed in sections of the beach marked by a red flag. 

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