Media Labs

Media labs are found in 32 recreation centers throughout the five boroughs. Find open hours to try out PCs, Macs, and other equipment including digital and video cameras, and software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud, and assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

How to Join

Media labs are located in recreation centers, and are included with your recreation center membership. Membership costs as little as $100 a year, and discounts are available for young adults, seniors, veterans, and adults with disabilities. Children may become members for free. Visit our Membership page to learn more about how to join.

Types of Media Labs

Media labs are split into programmed and open access locations.

Programmed locations are places where you can develop your basic computer, hardware, software, or multimedia skills by enrolling in a class or receiving one-on-one training. Our coordinators are also available for questions or to help you with your projects or computer needs. Open access hours are also available at these locations.

Open Access locations are places where you can use our resources at your convenience for your own personal and professional needs. Programmed classes are not available at these locations.

Find a Media Lab

The Pelham Fritz Media Lab is closed until further notice for upgrades.





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What We Offer

At media labs, you can use our state-of-the-art digital equipment, either on your own or as part of a course. Develop your knowledge of computer basics, sharpen your skills in classes, and participate in programs to grow and learn.

Improve Your Digital Literacy

Gain a thorough understanding of computer fundamentals in one of our digital literacy courses! Available at all of our staffed locations, these topics include typing and mouse skills, Macintosh computers, internet research, internet safety, and popular social networking tools. These classes are great for anyone looking to update their technology skills.

Media Education Programs

At our Media Labs, we offer hundreds of media education programs each season, ranging for all ages and skill levels, including programs for job seekers, children and teens, and mixed media programs for people who want to work creatively. Visit our Media Educations Programs page to learn more.

Featured Programs

At some media labs, we offer special programs for members. These featured programs include:

  • TechOpps: Adults & young adults can develop industry-standard skills in a variety of programs, and receive their certification.
  • RecYouth: Teens can explore, design, and create by developing their media-making skills.
  • Garden Kitchen Labs: Kids can learn the science behind food-producing gardens, and document their efforts through technology.


Many of our recreation centers are wheelchair accessible. Please visit our Recreation Center page to find out more information on accessibility.

Text magnification and screen-reading tools are available in many staffed media labs for any computer users who want to use them. Contact your local media lab Coordinator for more information about accessing these tools.

Volunteer at a Media Lab

We offer volunteer opportunities throughout the five boroughs. Volunteers teach or assist in classes, monitor Open Access hours, and support central operations.

Volunteers are vital to Media Education efforts in expanding media programming. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of two hours per week for one month, possess basic computer skills, and complete the volunteer enrollment process, which requires a background check and fingerprinting.

Please email for more information.

Media Education seeks college students or recent graduates for a variety of internships ranging from public administration to graphic design. Internships run the length of the fall or spring semester or through the summer. Though unpaid, all interns receive Recreation Center membership for the duration of their internship and travel reimbursement in the form of single-use MetroCards. Please refer to the Internships at Parks webpage for more information about Media Education internship opportunities, or email us at

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