Starlight Park

Sunrise to Sunset (April 1 to December 1)

Rules Prohibit:

  • Swimming, diving, or bathing
  • Rafts or other inflatables
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Littering
  • Smoking
  • Any discharge into water
  • Pets off leash or in the water
  • Open flame
  • Storing personal property
  • Motor vehicles without specific authorization

Location Details

Launch: Yes

Landing: Yes

ADA Accessible: Yes

Rest Area: Yes


Nearby Locations

Restrictive Conditions

At the southern end of the park, paddlers should look out for a concrete low-head dam, or weir, protruding from the water at low tide.The Bronx River Alliance headquarters will be built near the weir, with a boat ramp and a floating dock to allow passage around the obstruction. Until then, paddlers can safely pass over the weir at least two hours before or after low tide. Check tide charts when planning your trip. 

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