Hudson River Park (Pier 96)

56th Street, Pier 96

For more information regarding the Pier 96 launch and landing, please visit Hudson River Park's website.

Launch: Yes

Landing: Yes

ADA Accessible: Yes

Rental: No

Rest Area: Yes

Parking: No


Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park

Nearby Locations

By Car

Driving, Drop-off, and Parking are not permitted anywhere on Pier 96, but there is usually free street parking available in the neighborhood on Sundays and in the evenings. There are two parking garages on 59th Street, just off the highway. The larger indoor one has good rates and service. Quick 5 minute kayak drop off is available, by stopping on the service road to the highway and carrying the kayak into the park.

To do a drop off of a boat head North on the West Side Highway and take the 59th St. Entrance. If coming from the North, make a U turn as soon as the elevated highway comes down to street level.

Follow the 59th Street exit and make a LEFT turn to go back under the highway. Stay on the service road and go just past the garbage facility. You can stop for a few minutes only on the service road to make a drop off. If you leave your car there for any amount of time, or leave it unattended you can get a ticket. DO NOT drive into the park, you will definitely get a ticket if you do that, and you will cause problems for the Downtown Boathouse with their landlord, the Hudson River Park.

For a parking garage, the indoor garage on 59th offers the best rates and service. Take the exit as above, and then take a right on 59th St. It is the 2nd garage you come to.

By Mass Transit

The nearest subway stop is the #1/9 and A/C/E station at Columbus Circle. The M57 and M31 busses run down 57th Street to West End Avenue (one block away). The Pier 96 Boathouse is located in the Clinton Cove Park on the Westside Highway and 56th St.

1) North East Side of River
72nd St. Downtown Boathouse facility ¾ mile
79th St Boat Basin 1 mile
Inwood Canoe Club 6 miles
Dyckman St/ Inwood 6 ¼ miles
Top of Manhattan/ Harlem River 7 ½ miles

2) North West Side of River
Englewood Park at George Washington Bridge 5 miles
Englewood Marina 5 ½ miles

3) South East of River
Pier 66 Boathouse 2 miles
Pier 40 Boathouse and NY Kayak 3 miles

4) South West of River
Hoboken Cove Boathouse site 2 ½ miles
Morris Canal Marina 4 miles
Liberty State Park 5 miles

Restrictive Conditions

Just south of the Boathouse is the cruise ship terminal, must be 100 yards out in the river to go south

Hazardous Launch/Landing Conditions



River currents are strong, be aware of currents, ask boathouse staff if unsure before you depart.

Nearest Hospitals

St. Luke’s Roosevelt 1111 Amsterdam Avenue (212) 523-4000, St. Vincent’s Hospital 170 West 12th Street (212) 604-7000.

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