North Channel Beach (Gateway National Parks)

Cross Bay Boulevard, south end of Addabbo Bridge, Broad Channel
5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The sand beach launch on the eastside goes in the Grassy Bayportion of Jamaica Bay, a popular kayak fishing destination, wesy side launch opens to Pumpkin Pacth Channel and North Channel.

Caution: Heavy pleasure boat traffic in Jamaica Bay, stay clear of channels. This is a wildlife refuge, do not land on islands nor disturb the flora or fauna.

Launch: Yes

Landing: Yes

Site Fee: $50 Parking/Boating Permit

ADA Accessible: No

Rental: No

Storage: No

Rest Area: Yes

Parking: Yes

Portage: 100 feet


Nearby Locations

Paddle South around the Gateway Bird Sanctuary to Sunset Marina. Paddle west to Canarsie Pier. Or explore Jamaica Bay.

Restrictive Conditions

Launching permitted only from the East Beach.

Hazardous Launch/Landing Conditions

Powerboat traffic. Watch for fishing lines when passing under the North Channel Bridge.



Emergency Landing Points

Canarsie Pier in the West and Sunset Marina in the South.

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