Manhattan Avenue

Manhattan Avenue Street-end, Greenpoint
Sunrise to Sunset (April 1 to December 1)

Rules Prohibit:

  • Swimming, diving, or bathing
  • Rafts or other inflatables
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Littering
  • Smoking
  • Any discharge into water
  • Pets off leash or in the water
  • Open flame
  • Storing personal property
  • Motor vehicles without specific authorization

Location Details

Launch: Yes

Landing: Yes

Site Fee: No

ADA Accessible: No

Rental: No

Storage: No

Rest Area: Yes

Parking: Yes-street parking

Portage: 50 feet


Nearby Locations

By Mass Transit

G-train to the Greenpoint Avenue Station. Walk north on Manhattan Avenue to Newtown Creek.

Paddle east up the creek towards Maspeth. Paddle north across the creek into Dutch Kills except at high tide. Paddle west toward the mouth of the creek and East River.

Hazardous Launch/Landing Conditions

Ladder down into water. Easier at high tide. Creek is narrow and barge traffic is frequent.


minimal in the creek

Emergency Landing Points

DEP Nature Walk to the east

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