Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field
Dawn to Dusk (permit required)

Launch: Yes

Landing: Yes

Site Fee: No

ADA Accessible: Yes

Rental: No

Storage: No

Rest Area: Yes

Parking: Yes. $50/year.

Portage: 60-100 feet from parking


Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Nearby Locations

By Car

If you take the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge, follow signs for the Verrazano Bridge-BQE West, then follow directions from step 2 below:
1. Take the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and follow signs toward Verrazano Bridge.
2. When the expressway splits (past the Prospect Expressway), stay in the left lane, and this becomes the Belt Parkway west.
3. Take Belt Parkway west to exit 11S. Exit at 11S.
4. Continue 1.3 miles south on Flatbush Avenue to the last stop light before toll plaza, make a left into Floyd Bennett Field.
5. Upon entering Park, make first left (toward Visitor Activity Area).
6. Continue straight about a half mile and make a right just after the sign for the Car-top Boat Ramp. Continue straight about a half mile until you are in front of a large yellow hanger (Hanger B).
7. At Hanger B, make a left onto the taxiway for a short distance and then make a right onto the large cement apron.
8. Continue straight until you are at the water by the Seaplane Ramp.

By Mass Transit

By Bus: Take the Q35 Southbound on Flatbush Avenue and get off at the Floyd Bennett Field stop by the Gateway Marina. Cross the street to the Ryan Visitors Center and proceed east approximately ½ mile to the Car-top Boat Ramp. Hanger B is located near the water, abutting the site and will be visible from the Ryan Visitors Center.

• Points of Interest: A short distance (200 yards) from the Car-top Boat Launch, there is a Historic Aircraft Restoration Project in Hanger B, open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. that brings aviation history alive. Similarly, a short drive (approximately a half mile away), the Ryan Visitor Center is the site for visitor amenities, Eastern National Bookstore, and control tower tours of the old airport tower. National Park Service Ranger information is available at this location everyday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
• Typical Day Paddle: More experienced paddlers will use the Car-top Boat Ramp at FBF to access the islands throughout the Bay. A simple trip to the beach at Ruffle Bar is one mile away in a north easterly direction – it’s an enjoyable paddle for those less experienced. Naturally, being aware of the tide, wind, and weather forecast will greatly enhance the pleasure of anyone’s trip.


Islands in Jamaica Bay (part of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge) is permitted below the high-tide line; Leave No Trace rules apply.

Restrictive Conditions

Jamaica Bay is a busy and protected bay with recreational and commercial vessels traveling main channels. Please note that 90% of this Unit of Gateway National Recreational Area, a unit of the National Park System, is the Bay and certain regulations are in effect.

Hazardous Launch/Landing Conditions

Underwater obstacles – wrecks primarily on southeastern side of ramp.


Large channel currents, also lesser currents in shallow areas

Emergency Landing Points

Along the creeks and basins that lead into Jamaica Bay (range of 1 - 3 miles of FBF).

Nearest Hospitals

Coney Island Hospital – 2601 Ocean Parkway, (718) 616-3000

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