Designated Barbecuing Areas

Barbecuing Rules

Please be cautious when barbecuing and keep a safe distance from patrons, children, and trees. Be courteous to others and please clean the area carefully before you leave. Events involving more than 20 people require a special events permit.

Our rules prohibit:

  • Littering and dumping of debris
  • Propane
  • Barbecuing in non-authorized areas
  • Barbecuing next to trees, tree roots, or buildings. Please keep ten feet or more away from any structures.
  • Any type of open, ground, or camp fire. Please barbecue at least three feet off the ground.
  • Barbecuing by anyone 18 years or younger

Cleaning Up

All coal and matches must be disposed of in designated red barrels. Please do not place anything flammable in a regular litter barrel. Use water to extinguish hot coals. Improperly dumped coals or matches can do major damage to our parks.


Alley Pond Park
Winchester Boulevard & Grand Central Parkway
Image of Alley Pond Park
Alley Pond Park
Alley Springfield: Springfield Boulevard and 76 Avenue
Image of Alley Pond Park
Baisley Pond Park
Sutphin Boulevard & 125th Avenue
Image of Baisley Pond Park
Bayswater Park
Beach Channel Drive and B32 Street
Image of Bayswater Park
Brookville Park
Brookville Boulevard & South Conduit Avenue
Image of Brookville Park
Cunningham Park
Union Turnpike and Francis Lewis Boulevard
Image of Cunningham Park
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Off Lake West and off Lake East
Image of Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
111th Street and 55th Avenue
Image of Flushing Meadows Corona Park - Zoo Area
Forest Park
Woodhaven Boulevard and Forest Park Drive
Image of Forest Park
Highland Park
Upper Highland: Highland Blvd. and Vermont Place
Image of Highland Park
Beach 17 Playground
Seagirt Blvd. between Beach 15 and Beach 17 Streets
Image of O'Donohue Park
Queensbridge Park
Vernon Blvd and 41st Avenue
Image of Queensbridge Park
Springfield Park
147th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard
Image of Springfield Park
Barretto Point Park
Barretto Street and Ryawa Ave
Image of Barretto Point Park
Claremont Park
Morris Ave and Teller Ave
Image of Claremont Park
Crotona Park
Crotona Park East & Charlotte Street (Indian Lake)
Image of Crotona Park
Ferry Point Park
North end of park
Ferry Point Park
South end of park
Hunts Point Riverside Park
Lafayette Ave. & Edgewater Road
Mill Pond Park
Exterior Street & 149th Street (Across from Gateway Mall)
Pelham Bay Park
Orchard Beach Park North Lawn
Pelham Bay Park
Orchard Beach Park South Lawn
Pelham Bay Park
North Picnic Area - Bruckner Boulevard & Wilkinson Avenue
Pelham Bay Park
South Picnic Area - Stadium Avenue, behind the tennis courts
Bronx Park
Boston Road and 180 Street
Image of River Park
Soundview Park
between the track and playground; close to Metcalf Ave between Seward Ave and Lafayette Ave
Image of Soundview Park
Van Cortlandt Park
Allen Shandler Recreation Area: Jerome Avenue, South of 233rd Street
Van Cortlandt Park
Broadway and West 242nd Street (adjacent to the pool)
Clove Lakes Park
Clove Road & Victory Boulevard
Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk And Beach
Midland Avenue and Lincoln Avenue
Willowbrook Park
Eaton Place Entrance
Wolfe's Pond Park
Cornelia Avenue and Luten Avenue
Coffey Park
At Verona and Richards streets
Coffey Park
At Verona and Dwight streets
Fort Greene Park
Along Myrtle Avenue between North Portland Avenue and St. Edwards Street
Herbert Von King Park
mid-Park (entrance on Lafayette Ave.)
Kaiser Park
At West 33rd Street
Manhattan Beach Park
Northeast of Promenade, median adjacent to parking lot (no amplified sound permitted)
Manhattan Beach Park
Oriental Boulevard & Hastings Street (no amplified sound permitted)
Mccarren Park
Driggs Avenue (Across from Soccer Field and Softball Field)
Image of McCarren Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Pier 5
Prospect Park
Area north of the Bandshell
Prospect Park
North area of Long Meadow
Prospect Park
Vanderbilt Oval (area near Vanderbilt Street and Prospect Park South West)
Prospect Park
Area north of Picnic House
Prospect Park
Peristyle Lawn (near Parade Place and Parkside Avenue)
Prospect Park
Area near Lincoln Road and East Drive
Prospect Park
Area south of the Picnic House
Prospect Park
Parkside Lawn (near Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue)
Prospect Park
Park Circle area near Parkside Avenue and Prospect Park Southwest/Coney Island Avenue
Prospect Park
Area near the Well House
Prospect Park
The Nethermead
Prospect Park
Area south of the Bandshell
Prospect Park
15th Street Lawn South (near 15th Street and Prospect Park West)
Prospect Park
15th Street Lawn North (near 15th Street and Prospect Park West)
Prospect Park
10th Avenue Lawn (at Prospect Park Southwest)
Red Hook Recreation Area
Bay Street near Columbia Street
John v. Lindsay East River Park
Along FDR Drive at East 10th Street
*Special events permit required
Randall's Island Park
Flagpole Lawns, between Icahn Stadium and the Golf Center
Fort Washington Park
North of West 158th Street on the Hudson River
Randall's Island Park
Harlem River Picnic Area near the ferry dock
Inwood Hill Park
Dyckman Street & Hudson River
Randall's Island Park
At the lawn area djacent to the playground
Morningside Park
Morningside Avenue & West 121st Street
Randall's Island Park
Between the pedestrian pathway and river near the Bronx Shore section
Riverside Park
West 145th Street on the Hudson River
St. Nicholas Park
St. Nicholas Terrace at West 128th Street
St. Nicholas Park
St. Nicholas Avenue between West 133rd and 135th streets
Randall's Island Park
At the Sunken Meadow waterfront (specifically, the berm between Fields 27 and 30, and the waterfront behind Fields 31-40 between the pathway and the river.
Thomas Jefferson Park
First Avenue between East 111th and 114th streets
Wards Island Park
East River & Hell Gate (near the children's playground)
Randall's Island Park
At the waterfront at the south end of the park

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