Movies Under the Stars: Festival Friday: Art of Brooklyn Film Festival - Evening of Short Films

Friday, June 11, 2021

8:15 p.m.10:00 p.m.

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Join NYC Parks for Festival Fridays with the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!

Enjoy these great Brooklyn indie film on a big screen! 

Directed by Maryll Botula
12 minutes 53 seconds | United States | 2019

A coming-of-age tale focusing on Erin, a young tomboy in the fifth grade. A product of a broken home/80’s parenting, she is the apple of her father’s eye: smart, self-aware, and very skilled in sports. The softball field, playground, gymnasium, and math class are the battle grounds in which we see Erin struggle with her desire to excel while managing her growing crush on Jesse, a boy in her class.


Cosmic Playtester
Directed by Arthur Vincie
8 minutes 30 seconds | United States | 2019

Two board game playtesters get together after the death of their best friend, to figure out what it all means. Oh, and one of them is an alien.


I´m Not Lost
Directed by Tom Capps
11 minutes | United States 

Lyndsay can’t find her way without her smartphone. Maybe some strangers on the streets of NYC can help?


Push the Point
Directed by Bryan Lawrence Burton
7 minutes 20 seconds | United States 2019

A musical short film set between the worlds of fandom and pop culture, PUSH THE POINT follows four online gamers through their squad-based mission. Harder than defeating the red team, however, is sticking together while trying to navigate toxicity, super-fandom, and the futility of having an argument on the internet.


Falling Forward directed by Caroline Macfarlane
19 minutes 46 seconds | Canada | 2019

Caroline Macfarlane sets out to make a documentary about Jane Marx, a trailblazing New Yorker. Marx has worked as a Manhattan tourist guide for thirty-eight years, and she’s no shrinking violet. Her offbeat sense of humor and larger-than-life personality are front and center as she guides Caroline through New York City in the opening scenes. But when the filmmaker and subject sit down for their first on-camera interview, they discover that they have a sadness in common. They both lost brothers to whom they were very close. Jane’s brother, Paul, died of AIDS in 1989; Caroline’s brother, Blake, died of leukemia in 2018, and this shared tragedy becomes the basis of their friendship and the subject of the film.


Welcome to the Sewer Den
Directed by Bobo Touch (Mike Rizzo and Brian Bonz)
9 minutes | United States | 2019

Welcome to The Sewer Den is a short documentary film following the New Jersey native & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle super fan, Jonathan Zelenak. In this we explore themes and feelings of nostalgia, toy memorabilia, the value of collecting, and most importantly a glimpse into Jonathan’s own life and his own personal turtle collection. The Sewer Den, in which he so perfectly coined, is located in a secret basement in NJ and is the home of all his favorite toys, posters, and even his old TMNT bunk beds! We’ll revisit some of Jonathan’s favorite Turtle moments while growing up, get more insight on The Sewer Den and his inspiration behind it all, and also taps into fandom and how eating pizza is essential for Turtle culture. This ridiculous but true life documentary won’t fall short of being memorable, and will be just comedic enough to make you question if this is a real collector … and the answer is YES.


Star-Spangled Brighton Beach
Directed by Lynn Bianchi - US Premiere
2 minutes 51 seconds | United States | 2020
Experimental/Film As Art

We are presented with a picture of a regular day on Brighton Beach. The beach goers are enjoying the sun and the sea while a woman in the foreground is looking intently at something in the distance... Meanwhile a whole other world is coming alive inside of her body as if on a canvas.


Uncle Griot
Directed by Paul Charisse - US Premiere 
5 minutes 34 seconds | United Kingdom | 2018 

A young girl takes her uncle for a walk.


The Mouse and the Lion
Directed by Lain Kienzle
15 minutes 57 seconds | United States | 2019

Winter, 1920. As a brutal blizzard strikes, a farmer's wife finds a World War I veteran collapsed on her doorstep. She hauls him inside and as he regains his strength, their growing bond unearths secrets each would rather keep hidden.


Know Before You Go: You should arrive before 8:00 p.m. to get your spot. Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking. Reservations are not taken, so space is available on a first come first served basis. All are welcome!


Location Details:
This event will take place on the lawn adjacent to Fifth Avenue.



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