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Jamal Jackson Dance Company / Movement for the Urban Village / Master Class by: Jamal Jackson Dance Company

Friday, June 14, 2013

7:00 p.m.9:30 p.m.

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7:00 PM – All Levels Open Dance Master Class by: Jamal Jackson Dance Company
8:00 PM – Performances

Jamal Jackson Dance Company (JJDC) was founded with the purpose of fusing various traditional African dance styles with modern and Hip-Hop techniques while incorporating diverse musical styles in order to create a technique that is relevant to a diverse community of Americans.  Through the company's signature style, which is characterized by looseness in the arms, hips and spine, fast footwork, and a constant bounce, the choreography weaves together to tell stories that redefine ideas of community and blur divisive lines, while still celebrating the beauty of individual cultures.   Footprints From My Head's Rhythm is a direct representation of the choreographic themes at the core of JJDC with each piece exploring a different aspect of reconciling the need for people to maintain individuality while being accepted into a community.

JJDC will perform “Bask in The Shade,” a piece that explores the “benchmark” for certain levels of acceptance and inclusion into various social circles. This work, composed by Frank Malloy IV, takes an in-depth look at the influence of surroundings on the individual while also challenging external and internal physical boundaries.

Originally founded in 2004, the Brooklyn based Movement for the Urban Village is a contemporary dance company that relies on a community of women dancers of varied identity and life experience who join together to present dance works addressing social, political and spiritual themes.  Under the direction of Shalewa Mackall, Movement for the Urban Village performs original contemporary dance rooted in the creative expression, a modality for healing and means for liberation on every level for all people.  Since 2005, Movement for the Urban Village has presented six consecutive seasons of original dance in New York City.

Choreographed and directed by Shalewa Mackall, Calling Names is an original dance and theatre work that incorporates live music to explore issues of identity, lineage and personal transformation as the audience is taken on a journey from personhood to spirit hood.

Master Class: Company members of Jamal Jackson Dance Company will teach energetic, full-body movement that flows fluidly between West African, Hip-Hop and Modern dance techniques.

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