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Parks Recreation Center Survey

We want to hear from you!

Thank you for filling out this survey. Please answer all multi-choice questions. Specific comments are strongly encouraged at the end of the survey.


1. Which recreation center are you evaluating?

Recreation Center:

Borough: (Automatically filled when you select a recreation center)

2. During what time period do you visit the center the most?

3. How often do you use this recreation center?

4. How did you hear about this recreation center?

5. What recreation activities/resources do you usually use? (Check all that apply.)

6. Do you usually visit the recreation center…

7. Is the staff helpful/courteous?

8. Are the facilities clean and well maintained?

9. If you or your child participate in recreation programs are they generally…

10. Are the bathrooms/changing rooms properly equipped with…

toilet paper?

soap/soap dispensers?

hand towels/dryers?



working showers?

11. Do you feel that you are safe while at this center?

12. How would you rate the condition of the court/exercise floors?

13a. Do you plan to renew your membership?

13b. If not, why?

14. What is your overall opinion of this recreation center?

15. Please note any ideas for improvements to the recreation center features, services, or programming.

For more information about Park’s facilities and programs, please call the City’s information line at 311 or visit us on the web at