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PlaNYC Parks Survey : High Bridge

We want to hear from you!

Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC initiative, the Department of Parks & Recreation is currently working to restore and reopen the High Bridge, the City’s oldest bridge. The High Bridge Coalition and Parks want to hear from you. Your participation in this survey will allow the reopened High Bridge to reflect your needs and ideas!

Please submit this survey by: Friday, September 7, 2007

1a. How often do you now visit the two Highbridge Parks the small park
on the Bronx side and/or the large park on the Manhattan side?

Bronx Side:            
Manhattan Side:            

2. Select the times you’d be most likely to use the bridge:



3a. How likely will you be to use the bridge and parks in the following ways?
Choose as many as apply.
Activity Not likely Somewhat likely Likely Very Likely
Enjoy the views or relax
Commute to work
Go shopping
Visit friends and family
Visit the tower
Bike or hike on the trails
Play sports
Use the recreation center and pool (in Manhattan)
Use the spray fountain (in the Bronx)
Attend concerts and festivals
Walk dogs
Play chess or dominoes
3b. How will you travel across the bridge?
  Never Rarely Sometimes Always
4. What is most important to you in the reopening of the bridge?
Choose as many as apply.
  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Overall attractiveness of bridge restoration
Feeling of safety (lighting, staff presence, etc.)
Clear and accessible paths to the bridge
Easy bridge access from roads/public transportation
Bridge open during commuting hours
5. What features would you most like to have once the bridge is reopened?
Choose as many as apply.
  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Seating/gathering space
Nearby food and concessions
Signs or maps leading to and describing the bridge and its history
Regular tours of the bridge and water tower
Information available about neighborhood destinations

9. The High Bridge Coalition is looking for volunteers!
Please check any of the following things you’d be willing to do to help
take care of the parks:


10. Please tell us a little about yourself:


If you are interested in getting involved or receiving more information about the High Bridge, please fill out:

High Bridge Coalition Logo Many thanks to the High Bridge Coalition for their commitment to the bridge and surrounding parks and participation in survey administration. For more information about the Coalition, please visit their website

Thank You!