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Parks Litter Survey

NYC Parks has been taking steps to address the problems of litter in our parks. As part of our anti-litter initiative, we have created a survey that will help us develop a new campaign aimed at litter cleanup. Please provide us with your email address to be entered to win one of five (5) official NYC Parks Tote Bags.

Please tell us how much you personally agree with the following statements:

Litter is a serious problem in my neighborhood parks.
Litter in my neighborhood parks creates an unhealthy environment.
Most of my neighborhood parks users dispose of their litter properly.
There are sufficient trash receptacles in my neighborhood park.
Please choose the most effective message for an NYC Parks anti-litter campaign

If NYC Parks offered free bags for you to carry your garbage out of the park, how likely would you be to use them?
How likely would you be to personally participate in litter cleanup events in your neighborhood parks?

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