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Computer Resource Centers Youth Programming

Kids using computers in a CRC

Learn about the world around you and how to be safe online! Youth classes are for kids ages 6-12. You can be part of the center’s Afterschool Program, an out-of-school time program, or just drop in! Our programs are made so that you learn and have fun when using the computers and doing projects on the computers. You will be a better computer user and a better world citizen.

For parents: Through a combination of engaging videos, fun games, and wraparound classroom activities, CRCs use a program called Digital Passport that addresses the key issues facing kids in the digital world: online safety and security, privacy, copyright and creation, finding information online, and cyberbullying using Governor Cuomo’s Dignity for All Students Act as guidance.

Media-Smart Youth

Are you between age 11 and 13? Join us for a program this summer where you can question and find out more about the media world around you. What does this ad mean? Who is the target audience? How do my decisions affect my health? Where can I go to learn new things? Join us for Parks Afterschool and find out! You can also work with kids around the world (Global Partners Junior), stay healthy, and learn about the parks!

For parents: If you are interested in learning more about special programs available for youth such as Global Partners Junior or Introduction to Animation, call 212-255-3066 or email

For more information about the Parks Afterschool Program, call (212) 360-3310 or visit the Parks Afterschool page. For information about special youth programs or group workshops at Computer Resource Centers, call (212) 255-3066 or email

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