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What is BeFitNYC?

BeFitNYC is a search engine for free and low-cost fitness activities in New York City. It lists programs, classes, facilities, and leagues in the Parks Department's properties as well as those of a number of partner groups.


The Department of Parks & Recreation thanks its partners for contributing content and programming information to BeFitNYC. Please click on a logo below to learn more about our project partners.

Fitness Stories

We love to receive fitness success stories and hope you're as inspired by the testimonials below as we are. If Parks & Recreation has helped you become healthy, we want to hear your tale too. Please send us your story and be sure to include as many details as possible about your transformation.

Inching Toward Fitness

Name: Judee Livramento
Age: 48
Fitness Fave: Shape Up New York

Fitness Story:
"I wanted to say how I have enjoyed my class at Pelham Fritz Recreation Center. I started the Shape Up NY Fitness Challenge in January and have lost weight (pounds and inches). My instructor, LaSharn Cooper, has been very supportive, and I love the class."

Head of the Class

Name: Dan Z.
Age: 31
Fitness Fave: Boxing classes at Tony Dapolito Recreation Center

Fitness Story:
"I just wanted to say thanks for the free, bi-weekly boxing classes at the Tony Dapolito Center on Seventh Avenue, Manhattan. The instructor David is supportive, inspiring, and helpful. I don't have much money and was a bit unsure about the gym, but it's been fantastic. I really feel like I'm the best I've been in years. Just wanted to pass on my compliments to the staff, particularly David. Thanks."

Walked Away the Blues

Name: Glendora Walker
Age: 58
Fitness Fave: Shape Up New York

Fitness Story:
"I was injured on the job in 1990. I was in constant pain and was given all sorts of meds. I had spinal surgery in 1993. I was depressed, in therapy, still trying any medication I could for the pain. When I went to the doctor, he would tell me I was obese, and he wanted me to lose 20 pounds. In 2004, I was hospitalized for spinal meningitis. It affected my sight. I was depressed and in therapy. I was still considered obese.

I met Francis Scott [Parks fitness instructor], and I took my first walk on Oct 21, 2005 at 135th Street in St. Nicholas Park. I was given a water bottle, jump rope, and a knapsack. I wore that knapsack proudly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when we went walking. We would meet, walk down to Morningside [Park], do a few loops around the ballfield, up the steps, and some days we would work on abs or stretch using the benches. We got to a point where we were fit enough to walk the six-mile loop around Central Park.

We have become friends as a group; we have Christmas parties. My husband joined along, and he also has been able to toss his hypertension medications. I look forward to my morning walks. They bring me gratitude, strength, and confidence. I listen for the waterfall and the birds. I grab people on the street and encourage them to walk with us."

Ms. Walker is proud to announce she has lost 63 pounds since 2005 and no longer takes any medications (except a water pill).

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