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Various Artists, Up South

January 29, 2021 to September 13, 2021
Col. Young Playground, Manhattan

Please note: This is a past exhibit that is no longer installed in the park.


Up South interprets and honors those who birthed the movements leading up to the Harlem Renaissance, and beyond, to forge a continuum of Black thinkers and excellence that amplify the historical contributions of African/Black/Americans in Harlem. The exhibit reflects on the movement and embraces the imagery of textile art to move the narrative forward. Harlem Needle Arts’ continuous aim is to present works that are accessible to the African diasporic community and people of color, reflect social and political concerns, share histories of our existence, and represent unique artistic expressions as we introduce audiences to the legacy of textile arts. Up South uses the natural landscape of Colonel Charles Young Triangle Park and challenge artists to broaden their scope to present works which directly engage the community.

This visual interpretation in textile features the work of artists Laura R. Gadson, Sylvia Hernandez, Oluwaseyi Awoyomi, and Ife Felix. Their works honor the contributions of Casper Holstein, the Harlem Hellfighters 369th Regiment Orchestra, Georgina Douglas Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Aaron Douglas, and the northward migration to Harlem.

This exhibition is presented by Harlem Needle Arts.

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