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Suprina Kenney, DNA Totem

March 28, 2016 to September 30, 2016
Marcus Garvey Park, Manhattan

Please note: This is a past exhibit that is no longer installed in the park.


The DNA Totem is a 10’ tall spiral in the shape of a DNA helix that is embedded with detritus and discarded items donated by community residents as well as found objects from the artist. The looming structure serves as an historical reference to human evolution and the footprint humans leave behind. The DNA Totem will be on view on the southern overlook terrace near the Fifth Avenue and 120th Street entrance to Marcus Garvey Park, a historic Harlem park located at the intersection of East and Central Harlem just 10 blocks north of Museum Mile.

According to the artist, “The DNA Totem is meant to bring up for discussion the seemingly unconscious disregard for how we affect our planet. I do this by showing a very small sampling of unwanted objects on the iconic, universal structure that is life itself; the DNA strand. Even though this symbol represents all living things, we have forced our compulsion for ‘the next best thing’ onto all others we share this planet with, usually with bad result. Using visual mapping I celebrate us, and our absurdity. We are beautiful, horrid, tragic, and profoundly funny.”

This exhibition is presented by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance and Art in FLUX.

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