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Sari Carel, Borrowed Light, Photo courtesy of More Art

Sari Carel, Borrowed Light

May 8, 2015 to October 5, 2015
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Please note: This is a past exhibit that is no longer installed in the park.


Borrowed Light is an outdoor sound installation and sculpture by artist Sari Carel in Sunset Park. The project features abstract geometric architectural forms, incorporating field recorded sounds from the park’s local fauna. A series of related community workshops and performances will accompany the project throughout the summer.

Sari Carel worked with Sunset Park’s stewards to gather data on the park’s native species and created a richly layered soundscape for the installation. The piece is played from speakers embedded in the sculpture, and park visitors are invited to engage with both sound and sculpture.

Made out of several free-standing wood elements, this grouping draws on a Modernist vocabulary, using forms that are anchored in a utilitarian past, but also depart from that. The forms echo the grid lines of the city, and create a drawing in space, conversing with the emblematic image of the Manhattan skyline visible from the highest elevated locations of Sunset Park.

Borrowed Light is part of Carel’s continued investigation into alternative relationships between sound, image and audience. More importantly, Borrowed Light will give participants an opportunity to form a personal experience with an art piece and get a palpable sense of the creative process as both a private and public practice. Throughout the duration of the project, More Art will be collaborating with local organizations and education centers to hold workshops and performances at the installation. Please for information on upcoming events.

This exhibition is presented by More Art. For more information about this exhibition and related events visit the project website.

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