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Mary Mattingly, Flock House. Courtesy of the artist.

Mary Mattingly, FlockHouse

June 16, 2012 to August 15, 2012

Please note: This is a past exhibit that is no longer installed in the park.

​The Flock House initiative examines questions of mobile, self-sufficient living units becoming building blocks for future cities.  Reflecting the future of urban space and building upon existing structures, Flock House comprises a group of mi­gratory, public, sculptural habitats that imagine a world where created envi­ronments are adaptable, collapsible, portable, and modular. As expanding urban populations face environmental, social, and economic change, Flock Houses can be built in, transported to, and survive in and among urban cen­ters along three planes of living (sub­terranean, ground, and sky).

The form and function of Flock House is inspired by current patterns of global human migration, immigration, and pilgrimage. Through workshops, organized events, an interactive website, and narrated cell phone tours, the Flock House project catalyzes and enhances community-interdependence, resourcefulness, learning, curiosity, and creative exploration.

Mobile Flock House living systems are interstitial, autonomous, and dependent on local community relationships to maintain, share, and operate. As living systems, they function as bridges for cross-discipline, cross-boundary, and cross-border notions of property and polity.

Built collaboratively upon re­claimed, recycled, redesigned, and rethought materials, Flock House promotes wider adoption of natural systems including rainwater capture, inner-city agriculture, and solar and human-powered energy technologies.

Flock House #3 - Microsphere:
June 17 - 30: Battery Park, Manhattan. Inhabitants:  Brian Zegeer, Rob Colvin, Mary Mattingly.
July 2 - 14: Coleman Oval Park, Lower Manhattan. Inhabitant: Scott Beiben
July 15 - August 30: Bronx Museum, Bronx. Inhabitant: William Lamson (July 15-July 30), Lonny Grafman (August 1-15), Scott Weiner (August 16-25)

Flock House #7 - Terrapod:
June 15 - 30: Queens Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
Inhabitant: Christopher Robbins (Ghana ThinkTank).
July 1 - 14: DUMBO, Pearl Street Triangle, Brooklyn. Inhabitant: Amelia Marzac
July 15 - 31: Snug Harbor, Staten Island. Inhabitant: Kelly Loudenberg
August 1 - 15: Bronx – Van Cortlandt Park. Inhabitants: Esteban Silva and Harley Aussoleil.

Flock House # 8 - Chromasphere:
June 27 – September 6: 125 Maiden Lane, Manhattan.  Inhabitant: Greg Lindquist.

Flock House #4 - Cocoon:
June: Rooftop, Downtown Brooklyn, NY. Inhabitant: Mary Mattingly
July 7 – September: Architecture Omi Sculpture Park, Ghent, NY.

This project is presented in conjunction with the support of generous sponsors.

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