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Bijou, model, 2004

Julian Opie, Animals, Buildings, Cars and People

October 28, 2004 to October 14, 2005
Broadway, Park Row & Chambers Street
City Hall Park, Manhattan

Please note: This is a past exhibit that is no longer installed in the park.

With nine installations in and around City Hall Park, this exhibition of sculptures by contemporary British artist Julian Opie will be the artist's most comprehensive U.S. solo show to date, featuring new commissions alongside some of his most iconic works. Succinct and colorful, Opie's graphic depictions of modern life portray the familiar physical world, from fashion models to farm animals, from skyscrapers to village churches. Opie distills his images from the world around him, rendering them in the universally recognizable style of commercial graphics. He reduces the thing at hand to its most essential lines and color planes. The resulting images – straightforward pictograms with bold lines, clean edges, and bright surfaces – read as clearly as traffic signs. Animals, Buildings, Cars and People was organized by Public Art Fund and sponsored by Forest City Ratner Companies.

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