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Image of Amiable Child Memorial

Amiable Child Memorial
Riverside Park

Funeral urn on pedestal marking grave

Image of Beacon

American Veterans Memorial Pier

Over-life size sculpture, symbolic speaking-trumpet, with interior lamp; on concrete plinth

Image of Bird Bath

Bird Bath
City Hall Park

Cast stone bird bath

Image of Catholic War Veterans Square

Catholic War Veterans Square
Catholic War Veterans Square

Carved cross on base

Image of Damrosch Park

Damrosch Park

Applied bronze letters on wall

Image of Feltman Carousel

Feltman Carousel
Flushing Meadows Corona Park


Image of Firemen's Memorial

Firemen's Memorial
James J Walker Park


Image of Flushing Bay Promenade Pavement

Flushing Bay Promenade Pavement
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Abstract paving pattern installed on the promenade; pattern connects the two remaining "Candela structures," and includes their floors; structures serve as shade houses.

Image of Japanese Tori

Japanese Tori
Sakura Park

Lantern on pedestal

Image of John Finley Walk

John Finley Walk
Carl Schurz Park

Two cutout silhouettes of walking figure and name attached to pole

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*Please note, a given artwork can appear in any number of categories. Category assignment and definition is a work in progress and not a definitive classification. If you do not see a particular piece of work listed within a category, please search by title or park.

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