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45 monuments found.

Image of Alfred Lincoln Seligman Fountain

Alfred Lincoln Seligman Fountain
Morningside Park

Bear on rock with faun sheltering below, and adjacent plaque

Image of Algernon Sidney Sullivan

Algernon Sidney Sullivan
Van Cortlandt Park

Stele with fountain bases

Image of Bailey Fountain

Bailey Fountain
Grand Army Plaza

Group of three standing figures (heroic scale) on pedestal adorned with three reclining figures (heroic scale), in basin with rockwork coping

Image of Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain
Central Park

Fountain with two basins, upper basin surmounted by angel figure (heroic scale), four putti (life size) between upper and lower basins, in a circular pool

Image of Bethesda Fountain and Terrace

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace
Central Park


Image of Bowling Green Fountain

Bowling Green Fountain
Bowling Green

Oval fountain

Image of Burnett Memorial Fountain

Burnett Memorial Fountain
Central Park

Standing girl figure and reclining boy figure on pedestal; tablet in pavement

Image of Cherry Hill Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain
Central Park

fountain with bronze and wrought iron finial on top a polychrome masonry base

Image of City Hall Park Fountain

City Hall Park Fountain
City Hall Park

Square pool with candelabrum at each corner; central column consisting of circular basin with umbrella above, surmounted by fixture

Image of Conservatory Garden Fountain

Conservatory Garden Fountain
Central Park

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