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11 monuments found.

Image of Augustus Heckscher Gate Posts

Augustus Heckscher Gate Posts
Central Park

2 gateposts, incised letters

Image of Fort Independence Park

Fort Independence Park
Fort Independence Playground

Tablets on gateposts

Image of Frank J. Goodwin

Frank J. Goodwin
Chelsea Park

Memorial gate posts

Image of Frank L. Dowling

Frank L. Dowling
Chelsea Park

Memorial gate posts

Image of Gates of Life

Gates of Life
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Ornamental gates

Image of Gretta Moulton Gate

Gretta Moulton Gate
High Rock Park
Staten Island

Gate of two leaves with openwork pattern, hung on two piers, with plaque mounted on one of the piers

Image of Irving and Estelle Levy Playground Gate

Irving and Estelle Levy Playground Gate
Central Park

Two-leaved gate ornamented with animal figures; mounted plaque

Image of Tisch Children's Zoo Gate

Tisch Children's Zoo Gate
Central Park

Three pylons surmounted by ornamental crest with children, animal, and bird figures; three plaques

Image of Vanderbilt Gates

Vanderbilt Gates
Central Park

Ornamental wrought iron gates

Image of William Church Osborn Gates

William Church Osborn Gates
Central Park

Decorative gate with piers topped with animal groups

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