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4 monuments found.

Image of Delacorte Clock

Delacorte Clock
Central Park

Three-tiered mechanical clock; bottom level has six animal figures marching around clock tower in igrillwork frame; clock faces above the animals; clock tower topped by two monkeys and bell; clock is on top of arched gateway; two plaques

Image of James Gordon Bennett Memorial

James Gordon Bennett Memorial
Herald Square

Niche, pilasters, 3 figural statues, bell

Image of Peace Clock

Peace Clock
Trygve Lie Plaza

Abstract kinetic sculpture in the form of a clock whose arms form the peace sign twice a day (at 4pm and 4am).

Image of Time Sculpture at Lincoln Center

Time Sculpture at Lincoln Center
Dante Park

Four clocks set in three vertical faces of oblique trianguloid form on oblique trianguloid base

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