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Image of A Bird Named Goldilocks

A Bird Named Goldilocks
Clove Lakes Park
Staten Island

Hollowed out tree-stump form with a bird at a "fairy-sized table setting" in the hollow, placed at ground level, with information plaque in pavement in front of sculpture

Image of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Prospect Park

Standing figure (over life-size) on integral plinth on pedestal with wreaths and insignia of US Army and Navy at front and rear, and two eagles, one proper left and one proper right

Image of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Grand Army Plaza

Medium relief

Image of African Antelopes

African Antelopes
Central Park

Bas-relief in three continuous sections

Image of Alfred Lincoln Seligman Fountain

Alfred Lincoln Seligman Fountain
Morningside Park

Bear on rock with faun sheltering below, and adjacent plaque

Image of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Central Park

Group (heroic scale)

Image of American Antelopes

American Antelopes
Central Park


Image of Amphibian

Crotona Park

Bas-relief roundel

Image of Baboon and Mandrill

Baboon and Mandrill
Central Park


Image of Bailey Fountain

Bailey Fountain
Grand Army Plaza

Group of three standing figures (heroic scale) on pedestal adorned with three reclining figures (heroic scale), in basin with rockwork coping

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