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Image of 3000 A.D. Diffusion Piece

3000 A.D. Diffusion Piece
J. Hood Wright Park

Monolith of eight magnesium and aluminum plates with steel bolts set on steel base set in concrete pad with plaque

Image of Alamo


Tilted cube on pivot

Image of Bird Flying Machine

Bird Flying Machine
Central Park

Figure on integral plinth

Image of Bound Hands Rising Free

Bound Hands Rising Free
McCarren Park

A hand pointing down supports a group of three hands pointing upward with the higher, middle hand supporting a dove with wings spread and starting to fly, on a pedestal

Image of Cactus Couple

Cactus Couple
Central Park

Two forms, one tall and one ball-shaped, on base supported by low box

Image of Coenties Ship

Coenties Ship

Vertical structure on cut glass bell-shaped base; with glass pavers in radiating fashion

Image of Columnade

Fort Tryon Park

Two upright, continuous lengths of cast material in a U-attached- to- inverted-U pattern, aligned side by side

Image of Eaphae-Aekyad #2

Eaphae-Aekyad #2
John Jay Park

Precariously balanced pieces of steel

Image of El Arbol de Esperanza

El Arbol de Esperanza
Thomas Jefferson Park

Tree trunk figure, globe constructed of a transparent matrix of coated rods with fittings at connecting points

Image of Free Form

Free Form
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Form on base

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