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Image of Lower East Side War Memorial

Lower East Side War Memorial
Straus Square

Cylindrical bas relief stele, incised letters

Image of Lt. Nick Lia Memorial

Lt. Nick Lia Memorial
Lt. Lia Playground
Staten Island

Inscribed stone and flagstaff

Image of Major General Frederick D. Grant

Major General Frederick D. Grant
Riverside Park

Flagstaff pedestal with tablet

Image of Margaret Corbin Plaque

Margaret Corbin Plaque
Fort Tryon Park


Image of Marine Heroes Tablet

Marine Heroes Tablet
Riverside Park


Image of Marquis de Lafayette

Marquis de Lafayette
Union Square Park

Portrait statue on pedestal

Image of Mary Lindley Murray

Mary Lindley Murray
Park Avenue Malls

Tablet on boulder

Image of Maryland Memorial

Maryland Memorial
Prospect Park

Large corinthian column with globe at top

Image of Maspeth Memorial

Maspeth Memorial
Garlinge Triangle

Triangular shaft on seat

Image of Matthew J. Buono

Matthew J. Buono
Alice Austen Park
Staten Island

Fountain and seven section wall with 5 sections inscribed

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*Please note, a given artwork can appear in any number of categories. Category assignment and definition is a work in progress and not a definitive classification. If you do not see a particular piece of work listed within a category, please search by title or park.

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