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Image of Thomas Moore Memorial

Thomas Moore Memorial
Prospect Park

Bust on ornamented pedestal

Image of Washington Irving Memorial

Washington Irving Memorial
Prospect Park

Bust on pedestal

Image of William Cullen Bryant

William Cullen Bryant
Bryant Park

Seated figure (over life-size) with intrgral plinth on a pedestal under an archiform canopy, with a large urn and a balustrade at either side

Image of William Earl Dodge

William Earl Dodge
Bryant Park

Standing figure (over life-size) on pedestal

Image of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
Central Park

Portrait statue on pedestal

Image of Women's Rights Pioneers Monument

Women's Rights Pioneers Monument

Group of one standing and two seated figures (over life size) on integral plinth and pedestal

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*Please note, a given artwork can appear in any number of categories. Category assignment and definition is a work in progress and not a definitive classification. If you do not see a particular piece of work listed within a category, please search by title or park.

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